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Customs Brokerage Services

Canadian Customs Clearances
The Garden City Team is dedicated to offering our clients exceptional services with a personal touch that is second to none. With our exceptional level of expertise, you can be confident that we can clear your importations at any border crossing in Canada.

US Customs Clearances
Garden City Logistics has selected a network of agents who share in our drive of commitment to customer service and excellence in catering to our clients needs. When handling your exports to south of the border, you can be confident your clearance can be handled in the professional manner in which we pride ourselves on.

Customs Consulting & Compliance
In todays day and age, customs compliance has become a critical part of any company’s business plans and risk management strategies. In understanding our clients business needs, our customs experts are able to develop strong strategies to fit all their corporate goals and priorities. We are always working to provide our clients with a clear understanding of risks, costs, and benefits so they can make informed decisions when it comes to the compliance on customs issues.

Bankruptcy Filing
Customs Brokerage Services: Services
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